Fallen in Swedish is not an adjective but a noun in definite form plural. Simply meaning the Waterfalls.

These particular waterfalls are called the Danish Falls, and are named after a battle that stood between the Swedes and Danes in 1676. According to legend, the Danes tried to cross a suspension bridge at the falls. The Swedes are said to have chased and caught up with them and cut down the bridge at a time when many Danes were on it. The bridge plunged into the rapids and many Danish soldiers fell in and died.

These days, the Danes who visit this place are friendly tourists, so it was without fear my children and I set out on a hike here today. In the backpack was a thermos of coffee, smoothies, gingerbread cookies, a tripod, a camera with a lens fitted with a Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Filter.

A wonderful day in the woods. Here’s the image result:


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